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Maximize Your Full Potential.

A simple solution for

high-quality sound.

Handmade with love - CERN TUBE.



Nowadays the tube amplifier is highly considered the best in it's class. It's significant difference from a transistor amplifier lies in the principle of operation:

a smooth increase in linear distortion allows you to make the sound more saturated and warm.

If you bought a vinyl player without a phono stage, or the phono stage is assembled on transistors or even worse on microcircuits, you will need a tube phono stage.

We manufacture phono preamps for vinyl players, tube preamplifiers, terminal power amplifiers, headphone amplifiers.


Non-transformer headphone amplifier


implemented according to the OTL scheme and operating in class A.

The headphone amplifier does not have a general negative feedback and uses high-quality Soviet-made lamp tubes.

The device has no problem driving just about any pair of headphones.

Even at high volume, the amplifier sounds smooth, soft, and without a hint of dynamic compression.

Huge, powerful bass, crisp highs, and glowing, gooey mids: this amp has them all, the amp offers some of the best tube sound available.

The "CERN TUBE" phono tube preamplifier

reproduces all the wonders of the vinylsoundwith high accuracy. It has the scheme of a preamp for lamps with passive correction of the RIAA standard

amplitude-frequency response. The phono tube preamplifier for a vinyl record player does not have a general negative feedback and uses high-quality Soviet-made lamps. The power supply of the preamp is

stable and of high quality. To extend the life of the lamps in a power supply unit withfull wave vacuum rectifier

of the anode voltage is used. Our phono tube preamplifier uses high-quality RCA connectors made of gold-plated copper. High-quality point-to-point assembly provides a low background noice level

and a very weak microphone effect.

Our device has the ability to adjust the high frequencies of the RIAA standard. When using high-quality interconnect cables, high sound purity is guaranteed.

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